About this mess

A thousand and a bit years into the future, things are in a bit of a pickle and people are getting a tad fighty, in efforts to sort everything out a rag-tag team of misfits from around the solar system are brought together out of a plot convenience and must risk everything they have, (which as it turns out is not very much), in an effort to save an uncaring universe from itself, or at least leave it in a better shape than when they started.

A modern Sci-Fi comedy written by somebody with the loosest grasp of narrative structure. A large sprawling tale of wayward morals, human failings, mystery, love, death and the need to get a proper lunch every now and again. Split into chapters up to 4000 words released once or twice a week. 

Including (but not limited to) an alcoholic astrophysicist, an outlaw psychiatrist, heavily armoured janitors,  a retired dog sitter, polite torturers, a cult of teleportation fanatics and a complete misunderstanding of basic science.

Also as a weekly narrated podcast because reading can be tough.

It contains at least 2 of the following :-

  • Drama
  • Suspense
  • Compelling characters
  • Witty analysis of the human condition
  • Spelling mistakes
  • A talking robot

Sold yet?  If not, pour yourself a very large drink, lower your standards and start anyway.

Chapter One